Do you have a feeling you want to have expressed on a painting, or do you not find the right color shade in the interior design stores? Maybe everyone has the wrong size? Have you seen a painting that has already been sold and want a similar one?
Then you can order a painting where we together create the right feeling with color and size.
Each order is unique, but the process is similar.
We start with you explaining what you want, possibly sending a color sample. Then I put together an inspiration board and if the feeling needs to be strengthened or if you wish, I can put together an inspirational/concept video. In connection with that, I create some mini paintings in the right color in different shades, all so that you will be as satisfied as possible and get what you want. If you don't live near Gothenburg, these color suggestions will be sent to you. In some cases, it may be a good idea to send a picture where the painting is intended to hang. Once you have chosen the color option, I then paste the alternative on the wall so you get a rough idea of ​​the result.
Time to start with the board! Here you decide for yourself how much you want to be involved in the process. Usually a picture is sent when it's almost done, then you will see if you want something more / less of some color. If you want me to send pictures during the process, I will do that too.
Finally, if you want a movie while the painting is in the creation process, this is also possible.
Let me know if you have any thoughts or want a quote!!
Below you see a previous order and the process
Alternative 1:
Alternative 2:
Detail pictures: