" "The goal with my art is to awaken something in the viewer's soul, an energy on a deeper level and inspire.""
I am a Gothenburg-based artist from Lysekil. I found the acrylic 2017, but have always been creative and created. Among other things, I have an exam in fashion design and have worked both at Naim Josefi in Stockholm and at a bigger fashion company in Gothenburg.
Some of my paintings are an explosion of colors while others can be more simple and dull. My art is a mixture of emotions and over the years I have experimented a lot with different techniques and now I have a period with dots and layers upon layers. What inspires me goes in waves where emotions, nature, the world around me, a film or a piece of music matters. If I see a gloomy world, a dystopia is formed which I depict. If I see hope, a utopia is formed instead.
I also write a poem for each large painting.
If you have any thoughts, want to collaborate or order one or more paintings - get in touch!